(International) ICT project manager

Cutting costs, preventing errors and working more efficiently is why you invest in ICT projects and why you need an ICT project manager who is able to understand and manage your ambitions.Lees meer »

Online marketing expert

Online marketing – it’s essential to remain commercially effective. Where do you start? Start working on it step-by-step with an expert or we can build on what is already there togetherLees meer »

Growth hacking

You are ambitious and opt for growth. You expand when possible, you’re not afraid to take steps but only with an expert in the field, to eliminate unnecessary risks.Lees meer »
Marketeer/ICT specialist

Your IT and marketing issues more than taken care of

To move a company or organisation further ahead. That’s the only reason why you invest time and money in marketing and ICT solutions. Because you want to stay relevant, to stay ahead of the competition or to take the next step. Whatever the goal, tech resources open doors.

But preferably with no nonsense or unnecessarily long processes. Targeted, practical and pragmatic. Above all workable.
If you want to adopt a professional approach to this, choose Patrick Krijnen. As a savvy representative of the next generation he sees the bigger picture. Top-down. Patrick isn’t afraid to think out of the box and is able to distinguish the connections that lead to added value.

No valley too deep

No mountain too high

With solutions that exceed your expectations.
His broad set of skills for customised commercial processes is a big plus, because every organisation has its own ambitions, its own budget, capacity and manpower. With the right mix of automation tools you can achieve the set goals.

From mini to mega projects. From national to international assignments.
No mountain too high. No valley too deep.

Your business in professional hands. Because the result matters.

Web and app development

Web building, online shops, findability and tracking. The opportunities to promote yourself and stand out online from a commercial perspective are countless. That’s why you need to opt for a solid plan and outsource it to an expert.Read more »

International interim manager

Doing business internationally is a specialist field in itself. Irrespective of whether it concerns a manager on location or a manager who rolls out marketing and/or ICT projects internationally. Knowledge of the international (un)written rules is a must.Read more »

Take the next step

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Who am I?

Creative and efficient solutions

Sound advice and clear working methods. How do you want to take your next step? Are you just looking for someone to exchange thoughts with?

No problem, let’s schedule in a consultation.
As an entrepreneur and marketer I keep a close eye on all innovations taking place in the fields of marketing and ICT at all times. It is an area that for many is impossible to understand, but for me consists of logical trends. I help start-ups and established businesses and organisations to separate the wheat from the chaff and to take their business to a higher level.

Exchanging thoughts

No two organisations are alike. What is feasible, what is scalable? And, what is sensible for the future? I can actively contribute ideas.


Anyone who knows me knows that efficiency is top of my mind. Achieving optimal work processes even if this means restructuring existing working methods. If something can be done more efficiently or effectively you should go ahead and do it. You will always reap the benefits.

Feedback & advice

As a specialist and advisor, I am always on call and only a phone call away if you need help. Short lines of communication, that’s the power of an independent specialist.

Step-by-step plan for results

Knowing where you stand. That is really important when it comes to ICT and/or marketing projects that you outsource. Everyone is familiar with the potentially endless processes that raise more questions than answers. This is where Patrick Krijnen stands out from the rest. Working with a 5-step plan, you’ll always work in a goal-oriented and efficient manner, which also leaves room for the necessary flexibility so that you can always intervene in time when a process, project or plan calls for a different course of action.


No-obligation meeting first

Let’s have an informal exploratory meeting first. See if your aspirations and ambitions match Patrick’s expertise. If there is a match and sufficient trust, we are ready for step 2!


Understanding your problem

Patrick identifies where the actual problem lies. Next, he provides solid advice. If the end goal is in line with your problem, then we move on to step 3.


Proposed approach

Patrick Krijnen prepares a quote which outlines the approach, the working method and how we’ll achieve the result you want. Needless to say, the quote will also include the investment involved in terms of time and money.


Development, execution, implementation

If we decide to work together then (depending on the project) this will be followed up by a detailed plan of all the phases and steps we’ll take. We will include plenty of assessment opportunities so that we can keep all those involved up to date and make any adjustments, if necessary.


Smooth delivery & aftercare

Upon completion of the project, Patrick Krijnen will of course ensure that everything is working properly and running smoothly. We’ll reach agreements with respect to service and/or aftercare.

Want to meet up or have an informal chat first without any obligation? That's always a good idea. Give Patrick a call and arrange to meet up for a coffee as a starting point for more turnover, growth and stronger entrepreneurship.


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